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Who we are: Since its founding in 1996, Restaurant Depot has been serving independent foodservice operators, consisting primarily of caterers, pizzerias, restaurants, and delicatessens. Our history actually goes back further, to 1976, when Jetro Cash & Carry, the name under which the company was founded, opened its first warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. Today we're expanding rapidly, and expecting to double in size over the next five years. This expansion is leading to job openings at new Restaurant Depot locations across the country and providing motivated team members with numerous opportunities for advancement. If you're ready for some growth of your own, a career with Restaurant Depot may be exactly what you're looking for.

Your effort rewarded. At Restaurant Depot, you'll find your share of honest work. We believe in doing whatever it takes to ensure that our customers get the best value possible, and reward the hardwork and dedication of our star employees with opportunities for advancement. With new stores opening all the time, we're constantly on the lookout for future leaders. Stand out from the crowd and you could find yourself on a fast track to management.

Great service is always in demand. If you're seeking stability, Restaurant Depot is the place to be. Local businesses will always have a need for the products we sell. The constant demand means that no matter what the economic conditions, your job will be here. On top of that, a career with Restaurant Depot also gives you access to an outstanding benefits package, with multiple options for health and dental coverage, paid life insurance, and more.

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